Is Teeth Whitening Painful?

Are you brushing your teeth but still noticing lingering stains or persistent discolouration? Is the yellowing and stains on your teeth affecting your confidence? Well, a whiter and brighter smile could be the solution for you. There are a range of safe whitening treatments available that may be worth considering.

What are the side effects of teeth whitening?

Every mouth is unique, so possible side effects can differ from person to person. However, when completed by a licensed dental practitioner most people don’t experience any negative effects. But it’s important to understand the possible risks before committing to treatment.

 These side effects may include: [1]

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods
  • ‘Zingers’ which might feel like a mini shock within your tooth

These side effects usually subside within 48 hours. However, if concerned or experiencing pain its best to contact your dental professional aka Smiles by Natasha. We may be able to prescribe or suggest products such as toothpastes, desensitising gels and creams which will help decrease sensitivity.

What are the possible dangers?

Whitening without the supervision of a dental professional can often be considered dangerous and could cause permanent damage to your teeth and/or gums. These risks are dramatically reduced when completed by a dental practitioner.

If done incorrectly the dangers of unsupervised teeth whitening include:

  • Chemical burns or irritation to your gums which can cause discolouration, pain, and blistering
  • Inflammation of the nerve (pulp) of teeth which have cracks, exposed dentine or leaking fillings
  • Irritation of the throat and/or stomach if accidentally swallowed

Even if injury is avoided you are still at risk of uneven and often disappointing results.

It is very IMPORTANT that you avoid dental whitening treatments offered by hairdressers and beauticians who are NOT qualified and licensed to whiten your teeth. To minimise the risks and dangers of these individuals providing this service, whitening products sold over the counter in Australia must not exceed 6% hydrogen peroxide or 18% carbamide peroxide. This often leads to sub-standard and disappointing results. Higher concentrations can only be used by registered dental professionals.

Always speak to a dental professional

At Smiles by Natasha we offer Phillips Zoom! In chair whitening at a very competitive rate. We also examine your mouth to check whether your suitable for Phillips Zoom! Whitening and explain the possible risks involved, so that you know what to expect. Unlike beauticians and salons, we also adequately remove any plaque and tartar prior to whitening that may affect the final result. If you do decide to proceed with treatment, we will adapt the treatment to your needs depending on sensitivity.

Book an appointment for teeth whitening at Smiles by Natasha today!

Our experienced dental practitioners use Philips Zoom™ and Pola Office whitening to reduce discomfort for patients with sensitive teeth. We can also provide take-home whitening kits customised to a patient’s individual needs.

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[1] Australian Dental Association. Teeth Whitening: Getting the best result for your smile [Online] 2016 [Accessed January 2022] Available from:,-getting-the-best-result-for-your-smile.pdf.aspx