Opalescence Boost in Chair Whitening Gel Review

Opalescence Boost in Chair Whitening Gel Review

Opalescence Boost in Chair Whitening Gel Review

Unlike other in-office whitening kits, Opalescence Boost in chair whitening Gel contains chemical activation that enhances the effectiveness of the gel. This helps the whitening process to produce a noticeable results in just a few days. Aside from this, the gel is also Vegan, gluten-free, and safe for both kids and adults.

Chemical activation

Unlike other whitening treatments, the Opalescence Boost in chair whitening gel does not use heat or light. This makes the procedure safe, comfortable and effective.

It’s also important to note that this gel has a high water content, which prevents dehydration. This ensures that the teeth are not overly dry during the procedure. This will decrease the chances of shade relapse. It also keeps the internal structure of the teeth healthy and intact.

The Opalescence Boost in chair whitening system is a chemically activated gel that whitens your teeth without using heat or light. The in-office system is safe and effective, and it offers results in about an hour. Its unique ingredients include a patented fluoride concentration and a patented potassium nitrate concentration.

The Opalescence Boost in chair whitening gel is a proven product with multiple awards and is perfect for patients who want whiter teeth fast. It’s also great for patients who have difficult stains. This is an excellent investment for your health and well-being.


Unlike other teeth whitening products, the Opalescence Boost in chair whitening Gel is gluten free, vegan, and certified kosher. This high concentration whitening gel is chemically activated to remove surface stains. It contains potassium nitrate, fluoride, and 40% hydrogen peroxide to provide a powerful whitening solution.

The Opalescence Boost treatment is a chemically activated whitening gel that is applied to the teeth using two syringes. One syringe contains a 40% hydrogen peroxide solution, while the other syringe contains fluoride. During the whitening process, the fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel, reduce sensitivity, and protect against cavities.

The Opalescence Boost in chair whitening gel is used to provide patients with noticeable results in as little as an hour. The system uses a proprietary blend of ingredients to minimize sensitivity. The gel has a thick viscosity to maximize patient comfort. The system also features a double syringe design, which allows for maximum concentration.

The Boost whitening gel is applied after a protective gum barrier is put in place. This barrier helps prevent chemical burns during the whitening process. The gel then stays on the teeth for 20 minutes. Then, the gel is removed.

Opalescence Boost in Chair Whitening Gel Review

Gluten free

Whether you are looking for an in chair whitening system or want to do your own whitening at home, Opalescence Boost is a great choice. With a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide, it delivers impressive results in a short amount of time. And the results aren’t just noticeable – they’re also comfortable.

Opalescence Boost is ideal for patients who have a special event coming up and are ready to have whiter teeth in record time. It’s also great for patients with difficult stains. It’s a safe, effective whitening system that will protect your enamel, reduce sensitivity, and whiten your smile.

Unlike many teeth whitening systems, Opalescence Boost isn’t acidic. It’s formulated with buffers to keep the pH level at a neutral balance. This helps ensure you get the full removal of the product. It’s also a good idea to wear protective eye wear and clothing during your whitening session.

During the process, you may experience soreness and irritation. This is because the gel has a high concentration of water, which helps keep your teeth hydrated during the whitening procedure.

Take-home whitening kit

Using the Opalescence Boost in chair whitening kit, you can achieve a whiter smile in less than an hour. The Opalescence Boost Take-home trays are disposable, which means you can take them with you wherever you go. This is a convenient and affordable way to follow up on your whitening treatment.

The Opalescence Boost in chair whitening gel is a chemically activated formula. It contains 40% hydrogen peroxide and fluoride. Both ingredients strengthen the enamel of your teeth and help to prevent cavities. The gel is red in color and is safe for your gums.

The Opalescence Boost in chair whitening kit can be purchased directly from a licensed dental professional like Smiles By Natasha. It includes custom-made trays and teeth whitening gel. You can choose from four concentrations of the whitening gel.

The Opalescence Boost system uses a patented sticky red gel. This helps to make sure that the whitening product is applied properly and that there is no dehydration. The OpalDam gingival barrier is also used to keep the teeth and gums protected.

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